The musicians' outing - world premiere 17 nov (rehearsal 16 nov)

 When Nicanor Markström meets the agitator Elmblad at Burefjärden on an August day in 1903, he is 10 years old. The boy has never seen a Stockholmer in real life before and he does not know what "social å nanting", as it says on Elmblad's poster, is. Through Nicanor's care, the socialist receives a brusque reception from Burebygden's workers and leaves Västerbotten with the conviction that he will never return. But the meeting will be crucial for both of them.

The musicians' outing is a Skelleftebygden epic, by one of Västerbotten's great authors, PO Enquist. It revolves around the Markström family, whose head Josefina strictly guards cows, children, virtue and morals. The father KV goes by the nickname n'fliirmarkström because he smiles so violently during the services that the preachers completely break down. Here is also the foster child Eva-Liisa, according to Josefinacarriers of the contagion of sin, who become Nicanor's protégé and closest ally, and uncle Aron - a man loved by the family but useless in society who constantly steps on the wrong foot and eventually completely loses his footing.
With its unique tone filled with humor, compassion and brutal sincerity, PO Enquist depicts a handful of colorful human destinies and at the same time a decisive stage in Sweden's history. The story takes place during some crucial years in the early 20th century when the sawmills are close along the coast of northern Sweden and the dissatisfaction with injustices and hardships is rising. In Enquist's growing up, at this time, two of our major popular movements, the Christian revival and the Social Democratic labor movement, collide, both of which came to be crucial to our development into a democracy. We get to follow how those who previously did not have a voice, jointly find their voice and raise it, how people realize that their work and life have a value - and thatthis is worth defending. It will be a struggle filled with difficult positions, sacrifices and adversity, where in the end it turns out that something better is always given than death.

Västerbottensteatern's first premiere in Sara kulturhus will be a grand musical theater party with spectacular stage solutions, Västerbottenian narration and a 13-person strong singing and music ensemble.

... about the time when the people of Västerbotten gained human value. - said by PO Enquist about the novel Musikanternas uttåg.

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16Nov 19:00 - 21:30 Sara Kulturhus
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Nordlandergatan 1
Contact: Maria Asserud
Phone: +46-705695632

Organizer: Västerbottensteatern


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350 kr Word price after 31/7

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World premiere November 17, 2021!
Author: PO Enquist
Manus: Tora von Platen
Director: Bobo Lundén
Set design and costume design: Astrid Maya
Mask or wig: Helena Andersson
Music: Bobo Lundén, Cay Nyqvist, Mattias Kågström
Music arrangement: Mattias Kågström
Lighting design: Maria Ros
Participants: Ellenor Lindgren, Sonja Lindblom, Gunnar Eklund, Saga Eserstam, Mattias Kågström, Thomas Köhler, Vilgot Paulsen, Tuuli Heinonen, Anna Pluck Söderling and more.

Duration: 2.30 h incl break