Peter Carlsson och Kjell Gustavsson Rhythm&Blues Orchestra

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Peter Carlsson is by far one of Sweden's best storytellers and musicians. In this unique performance, he mixes stories and music from Taube to Willie Dixon together with Kjell Gustavsson Rhythm & Blues Orchestra.

Peter Carlsson has had a long successful career with the band Blå Grodorna since the start in 1993. With sold-out houses all over the country, he has enchanted the audience with his stories and songs.

Kjell Gustavsson Rhythm & Blues Orchestra has toured extensively at festivals and clubs throughout Scandinavia for the past 14 years. Your hard-swinging rhythm section and add a world-class wind section and accordion. In addition to acting as accompanist to Peter Carlsson, they will play songs from their 7 released CDs.

Kjell Gustavsson has also been a member of the band Blå Grodorna since 2010. In this performance, the band has been expanded with another musician Pär Grebacken, Pär has also been a member of Blå Grodorna.

The length of the performance is 150 minutes, including a break. 

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