Isak Danielson

An old soul in a young man's body and a talent that reaches far beyond his young age.

The 23-year-old Swedish artist has undeniably managed to do something that reaches those who listen. He captures them and puts into words their dreams, fears, and feelings, makes them become real and alive because Isak himself feels the same feelings and knows how to make music out of them. His beautiful voice, at the same time both strong and vulnerable, feels as if it has the power to stop time and the world around it. Together with the beautiful arrangements, he uses it to tell emotional stories, where heartache shares the spotlight with hope, turns them into shimmering pop songs that burn with emotion and power.

Isak has already been compared to world artists such as Sam Smith, James Blake, and Anthony & The Johnsons.

His debut album Yours (2018) has been on the Swedish album list for almost 40 weeks and together with the EP Run To You (2019), Isak's music has passed 100 million listens. Isak Danielson's audience is constantly growing, he has over 2 million listeners a month on Spotify and over 52 million listens to the acclaimed song "Always".

He touches on a deeply personal level his relationship to anxiety, a self-perceived struggle he has had for many years. Even if the subject is dark, there is still light in the song. Embraced between cinematic string harmonies, his powerful voice conveys bare verses and choruses that instill strength in the message that no one should ever feel alone in their struggle with anxiety.

-I wrote it based on my own experiences and difficulties living with panic disorder. It feels important to convey that it is completely natural and absolutely not uncommon to experience anxiety. It was one of the first things that helped me on my journey to get better, knowing that I was not alone, explains Isak Danielson.

He will play during the same week as the Storytelling Festival (Berättarfestivalen). The gig is on October 24, 2021, at 19.00.

Tickets will be released on August 6 at 9.00 am at and Turistcenter.

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