Chotto Xenos - Akram Khan Company

In the performance Chotto Xenos - Akram Khan Company we make a suggestive visit to the child soldier's life.

Strikingly strong contemporary dance! World choreographer Akram Khan, who is used to Broadway's big stages, was a great success in our very first dance series and now he delivers a really powerful experience again. This time it will be a visually beautiful performance with lights and projections, about war from a young soldier's perspective. How does war start and how does it end? Welcome to an unforgettable world-class dance night!

The performance tours through Dansnät Sverige.

The performance is 50 min, no break.

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April 28, 2022- Cas Public with the performance 9, here the Canadian choreographer Hélène Blackburn examines how the Ninth Symphony would be experienced if our hearing were impaired, just as it was for the author Beethoven.

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17Mar 19:00 - 19:50 Stage 1, Sara Kulturhus

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Contact: Olof Westring
Mobile: +46-706407433

Organizer: Sara kulturhus/Dans i Nord


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