Jonas Gardell - Queen of f*cking everything - SOLO

Queen of fucking everything - SOLO is a show that makes you laugh until you cry, and it instills joy, hope and courage.

- The queen goes out into her kingdom to speak to her people, says Jonas Gardell. There will be no scenery or fireworks, no dancers, no singers and no orchestra. What you get is the Queen herself in all her glory. The Queen is dead! Long live the queen!

Stage reviews

"Gardell injects our hearts with joy of life"

“Incredibly funny”
Eskilstuna Kuriren

"The response from the Gothenburg audience was enormous"

"... very funny, honest, brutal and redeemingly wonderful."
Nerikes Allehanda

“Jonas Gardell really lives on stage. With his mere presence and audience contact, he can shape all people's needs for love and confirmation. "
Dagens Nyheter

“Very few Swedish comedians (...) have their audience in their hand as completely and indisputably as he has. From the first jumping step on stage to the last bowing to the standing ovations "

“There is probably no one in all of Sweden who is as godly gifted in the Swedish language as Gardell. With a slight change in the voice, the words become poetry instead. They are in perfect harmony with their host. The body follows. The movements are repetitive but still constantly grounded in their comedy. ”
Södermanlands Nyheter

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