With half a billion streams and more music prices than you can bear, Hov1 is one of the country's largest. In December, they take the stage in Sara culture house.

Since the debut in 2015 Hov1 has released three albums and a mixtape. All have placed at the top of various lists directly. Their second album "Gudarna På Västerbron" was streamed over 1.5 million times in the first day and all 11 songs landed on Spotify Top 50.

- This is one of the largest Swedish bookings we can make right now. They have never been to Skellefteå and it is unique to have Hov1 in a culture house, they usually play in much larger arenas.
- Sofia Andersson Lundberg, Program Manager

Age limit: 13 years (with or without adult company)

Information regarding COVID certificate

For those who cannot present a valid COVID certificate and have purchased tickets before 24 November, it is possible to apply for a repurchase. Service fee is non-refundable. Application for repurchase must be made no later than 5/12.

Application for repurchase is made via email to biljettinformation@sarakulturhus.se or call us on 0910-73 60 00 button choice 4 and we will help you.

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Hov1 is a Swedish hip hop group consisting of group members Noel Flike, Ludwig Kronstrand, Dante Lindhe and Axel Liljefors Jansson. Hov1 released their first single in 2015 and had their breakthrough in 2016 after the single "Hjärtslag" in addition to several acclaimed festival gigs.