William Spetz - Do not help me

The performance Do not help me with William Spetz at Sara kulturhus is postponed until October 17, 2022.

Purchased tickets are still valid, so hold on to your ticket. Contact your ticket dealer for any ticket questions.

William Spetz in new self-written performance - the care center comedy ´Do not help me´

William Spetz's new play ´Do not help me´ is a fast-paced and tragicomic drama with a strong recognition factor about a patient and a general practitioner who are forced to get to know each other at a health center on a Friday night. With him on stage is William Klungan actor Sven Björklund.

´Do not help´ me start with the patient Marcus (William Spetz) applying to the health center in the hope of stepping down on his antidepressant medication. In the examination room, he meets the somewhat divided general practitioner Lennart (Sven Björklund) who quickly opposes Marcus' wish. When the doctor's time suddenly degenerates into a bizarre, comical and complicated afterwork, the alleged party soon takes unexpected turns.

Duration: about 90 min, no break

Age limit: 11 years

Direction & scenography: Elin Hallberg
Mask & costume design: Linda Gonzalves
Lighting design: Johan Sundén
Composer & sound design: Andreas Grill

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17Oct 19:00 - 20:30 Stage 1, Sara Kulturhus

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Organizer: All Things Live

E-mail: biljett@allthingslive.se

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William Spetz has, among other things, appeared in the TV series Störst av allt, Andra åket and Filip and Mona, which he also co-wrote. In 2016, he made his stage debut with the critically acclaimed one-man show Mormor jag vet att du är i himlen, men har du tid en timme? and right now he is starring in the plays Liv Strömquist tänker på sig själv and Den yttersta minuten på Dramaten. Later this year, William is also featured in the feature film Dag för dag.

Sven Björklund is an actor, comedian and author and one of the members of the humor group Klungan. Sven has among other things participated in the radio programs Mammas nya kille and Bokbussen, the TV series Filip och Mona, the feature film Sune vs Sune and the musical film Krakel Spektakel. In 2020, he could be heard in the Christmas calendar Knäckarbanketten on Swedish Radio and as one of the voices in the animated film Pelle Svanslös. This autumn, in addition to Help Me Not, Sven is also up to date with the performance Rann is actually called something else at Uppsala City Theater.

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