A locally produced wooden house

In the heart of Skellefteå you will find one of the world's tallest wooden buildings. Standing 20 storeys tall, Sara kulturhus rises some 80 metres from the ground.

The raw material of the building is sourced from forests in the region, and the wood frame was produced in Bygdsiljum, located about 60 km from Skellefteå. The 205 modules, which form the hotel rooms, are also made from raw local materials and are produced in Renholmen, a few miles north of Skellefteå. Sara Kulturhus is one of many new projects in Skellefteå made from wood and continues in the city's old wooden building tradition.

Sara kulturhus was made possible thanks to the collaboration between different parties, each contributing their specific experience and expertise. The following are some of the companies that helped make the project a reality.