Sara kulturhus is a culture house for everyone and our premises are adapted to accessibility. If you have special needs, you can contact us before your visit and we will help you.

Toilets are available on all floors. At the toilets next to Trappscenen and the library there is also an accessible toilet with changing table. At stage rooms and lodges, there are also accessible toilets.

Folding chair
Available to borrow in connection with the exhibitions.

You who use a walker can easily get around the house. At events, the walker is placed outside the entrance, personal on site is available if you need help.

You who use a wheelchair can enter all of our stages. If you wish to book a wheelchair space for an event in the house, you will find information about it on the current event page in our event calendar.

  • Stage 1 has 6 wheelchair spaces in row 22: seats 710, 711, 712 (B2) and seats 719, 720, 721 (A2). All wheelchair spaces are most easily accessed via the building's north entrance and the elevator at stairwell B.

  • Stage 2 has 2 wheelchair spaces. The wheelchair spaces are most easily accessed via the building's north entrance and the entrance indicated on the ticket for Stage 2.

Due to evacuation regulations, a wheelchair ticket must be presented by a wheelchair user for entry to events in Stage 1 or Stage 2.

A companion is included with the wheelchair ticket. Please note that the companion sits on a regular chair slightly behind the wheelchair space. Please respect that wheelchair spaces are intended for wheelchair users. In case of violation, the ticket will be declared invalid on-site, and entry to the event will be denied. Ticket refunds are not provided for incorrect purchases.

Subtitled performances
At the moment we can not offer subtitled performances.

Hearing aids
Sara kulturhus has the same system for hearing aids for all stages. The system is based on you as a visitor being assigned a portable sound receiver "puck", with an associated neck loop by our hosts at the entrance to the stage. The sound is sent wirelessly to the "puck" and you can adjust the volume with the volume knob on the "puck". There are six different channels, one for each stage. For example, in Stage 1, we use channel one, and so on.

If you use an audio receiver, you need to select the T or MT mode on your hearing aid.
For each scene, there is also information on which number is used and a simpler instruction on how the hearing aid receiver works.

Please arrive well in advance if you are going to borrow hearing aids so you have time to adjust the technology before the event starts. Our hosts are on hand to help you - do not hesitate to ask them.