Here we have gathered both common and some more unusual questions. At the bottom of the page you will find more detailed FAQs linked to the house's construction and technology, economics and finance as well as the process from idea to finished culture house.

Is it free to enter Sara kulturhus?

Where can I find information about what is happening in the house?
On our events page, we have collected everything that you as a visitor can experience in the house.
Feel free to ask our hosts for help if you have questions about the contents of the house.

You will also find all our events, opening hours and more in the SARA app, which you can download from the App Store or Google Play.

Can I bring a dog?
Assistance dogs are the only dogs allowed at Sara kulturhus.

Can I use my scooter, roller skates or hoverboard in the Sara cultural center?
No, none of these things are allowed to be used inside Sara cultural center.

Sara kulturhus is a non-smoking house which also includes all our terraces and the area adjacent to our entrances. This also applies to e-cigarettes.

How can I pay?
Sara kulturhus, The Wood Hotel and Stadsbiblioteket are cash-free activities. Instead of cash, you use a debit or credit card with us.

How do I get to Sara kulturhus?
Here you will find information on how you can travel to us.

Where can I find parking spaces near Sara kulturhus?
Here you will find car parks near us.

Where can I find the restaurants in the house?
On the entrance level is Paolo´s café och restaurant. On the 4th floor you will find the a la carte restaurant Mandel. Up on the 19th floor is the Miss Voon restarurant.
Your packed lunch is not allowed to eat inside the house.

Can I eat my own food and drink in Sara culture house?
Smaller snacks and drinks can be consumed in Kulturtrappan, for larger meals we refer to the house's restaurants.
Food and drink are forbidden to consume in all our stages. Exceptions are made on the Trappscenen at events where food and drink are part of the experience.
Your packed lunch is not allowed to eat inside the house.

Where can I find a toilet with a changing table?
At the toilets next to Trappscenen there is a toilet with changing table. This toilet is also accessible.

Where can I find accessible toilets?
In the places in the house where there are toilets, you will also find accessible toilets.

Where can I hang my jacket?
Adjacent to Trappscenen is an unguarded wardrobe.

Is there Wi-Fi in the house?
Yes, the whole building has free Wi-Fi and in the Cultural staircase you will find outlets where you can charge your phone / tablet.

Where do I buy tickets for events in Sara kulturhus?
Tickets for all our events are sold online via the organizer's official booking page. Tickets for most of our events can also be purchased at Skellefteå Tourist Center, Trädgårdsgatan 7, tel. +46 910-45 25 10.

Where do I buy gift cards for the events at Sara kulturhus?
At Skellefteå Tourist Center, you can buy gift cards for events that are at Sara kulturhus. Gift cards are redeemed for event tickets at Skellefteå Tourist Center. The gift card is a Skellefteå center gift card that is valid in over 100 places in Skellefteå, shops, restaurants, etc.

Why do some events in Sara kulturhus have an age limit of 13 years?
Due to the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations regarding high volume, there is a general age limit of 13 years at our concerts. As organizers, we are obliged to follow this according to the Environmental Administration. The age limit of 13 years also applies in the company of a parent.

What type of ID document or certificate do I, as a 13-year-old, need to take with me to a concert in Sara kulturhus?
An ID card, driver's license or passport serves as proof of your age. It is also possible to print out an identity card on the Swedish Tax Agency's website and bring it to us.
If you do not have a valid ID document, our guards have the right to deny you entry to our concerts.

Our hosts will help you in the house. Feel free to contact one of them if you have questions about anything, want to give us tips or leave your comments.

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