Covid information

The Public Health Agency's new restrictions apply from 23 December and Sara kulturhus is therefore changing certain activities in the building.

The Government has decided that vaccination certificates can be used as an infection control measure at public events and public gatherings that take place indoors and gather more than 100 people. 

The restrictions from 23 December mean that at public gatherings and public events indoors, with more than 20 people and up to 500 participants, only seated guests are allowed. For events of more than 500 guests or participants, vaccination certificates and distance between the parties and a maximum size of 8 people per party are required.

Ticket buyers can stay up to date on what applies via the event in our calendar or with the respective organizer.

FAQ - COVID certificate

At which events in Sara kulturhus is a COVID vaccination certificate needed

Vaccination certificates, together with identification, will be required by all visitors over the age of 18 with a ticket to an event at Sara kulturhus. Please note that negative COVID test or recovery certificate is not valid as proof. Visitors under the age of 18 must be prepared to prove their age with valid identification.
External organizers of concerts and events on our stages decide what applies to their events. We have a dialogue with them to find out how they will handle the concerts concerned. Stay updated via this page or the organizer.

How do I present my vaccination certificate?

You will show the vaccination certificate when we open the doors to the event. In addition to scanning your ticket, you will also need to present an ID document and a vaccination certificate in your mobile or in printed form. Please arrive in good time and have both your ticket and your vaccination certificate ready at the entrance to make everything as smooth as possible.

I can not get vaccinated against COVID-19 and have a medical certificate for it. What applies to me?

If you have not been able to vaccinate yourself against COVID-19 due to illness and have a medical certificate, instead of a vaccination certificate, show the sick/medical certificate to the audience hosts when entering the event.

I am unvaccinated and have no vaccination certificate. Can I repurchase my ticket?

We await information from the organizers at the events about the terms of purchase that apply to those customers who do not have a vaccination certificate. Stay updated on this page for what applies to each event or check with the organizer.
For questions about tickets, events and questions about repurchases, go via email to or call us on 0910–73 60 00 button choice 4 and we will help you.

How do I get a vaccination certificate?

If you have been vaccinated against COVID-19 you can log in to and with e-identification download your vaccination certificate. Anyone who does not have an e-identification can order a vaccination certificate via a form on the E-health authority's website.

Can I use my vaccination card that I received with the second dose of vaccine?

No, it must be an officially issued vaccination certificate. See the question above on how to obtain a vaccination certificate.

Are vaccination certificates from other EU countries valid at events in Sara kulturhus?

Yes, vaccination certificates from other EU countries, as well as other countries that are connected to the EU's digital covid certificate, are valid with us. See the list of all countries here.

What about meetings and conferences?

The Government's proposal to require vaccination certificates for public gatherings and public events for more than 100 people will generally not apply to companies 'and organizations' own meetings and conferences for their employees. At public gatherings and public indoor events, seated participants are only allowed if there are more than 20 people, regardless of vaccination certificate.

What about the Exhibition hall?

For fairs, trading places and places for culture and leisure acivities, requirements are set at 10 square meters per person. Restriction in the Exhibition hall is set to a maximum of 20 visitors in the room at the same time. 

What about the restaurants?

Eating in the restaurants at Sara kulturhus is not a public gathering or public event and is generally not covered by the requirement for a vaccination certificate. Only seated guests are allowed at indoor cafes and distances between different parties are required.

A safe visit

In connection with an event, we urge the audience to arrive in good time to avoid queues. Remember to have both a ticket, the vaccination certificate and ID ready.
Your personal responsibility as a visitor:
• Follow the Public Health Agency's guidelines
• Be at the event well in advance
• Remember to keep your distance from other visitors
• Good hand hygiene
• Do you feel sick or a little unwell? Please stay at home and feel welcome back when you are well again.
At Sara kulturhus, the events for less than 100 people will be carried out as previously planned without the requirement for a vaccination certificate.

More information

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