Local heroes

So many Skellefteå citizens have been involved, interested, and committed to Skellefteå's new cultural centre, even prior to the ground-breaking ceremony. We hope you will continue to discuss and share your thoughts, and that you will consider the building a place for further dialogue.

Many of you have been involved in major issues such as where the building would be built, which activities it would offer, and what the building would look like. It touches our hearts to see and hear that Sara kulturhus evokes emotions. And let's hope it will continue to do so, whenever you enter the building.

Below are a few more local heroes who are helping to create an even better in-house experience for us all.

The wealth of the municipality in Kulturtrappan

We handed out about 70 cushion covers to adults and children and encouraged their imaginations to run wild to create designs. These are just a few examples of what we’ve had in return from our citizen artists – you can see that they really gave their creativity totally free rein. The cushions will be placed in the large and grand Kulturtrappan, where they will provide a constellation of wonderfully colourful splashes against the wooden steps.


The woven curtain for Trappscenen

A curtain have been woven for Trappscenen, one of the smaller performance spaces in the building, where the textile is providing sound insulation to the room and also creating a beautiful backdrop against the bright wooden walls. The project have been managed and conceived by textile artist and weaver Viktoria Melinder, who drew inspiration from the Västerbotten region when selecting the designs and colours.

We also have all the volunteer weavers from the weaving sheds in Bergsbyn, Lövsele, Gärdsmark, Gummark, and Nordanå to assist us with the handicraft. These are people with an amazing commitment and, above all, invaluable knowledge.

As with the walls and ceilings of Sara kulturhus, we have also used raw local materials for the textiles. The yarn for the fabric originates from the sheep grazing in the meadows around Bergsåkersgården outside Lövsele.


Village cushions for Västerbottensrummet

Using home-woven fabrics from a Skellefteå costume and a picture of their neighbour's beautiful tin roof, neighbours from Medle created Sara kulturhus's first village cushion. A combination of creativity, reuse, and neighbourhood involvement at its finest.

Our second village cushion originates from Bergsbyn. It is made from leftover pieces of fabrics woven by the cushion maker many years ago while taking a textile course in Australia. Since then, the fabric has made its way to Bergsbyn to become part of Sara kulturhus.