Unga Sara

Unga Sara is a platform for young people in Sara kulturhus, a safe and inspiring meeting place, where everyone in junior high school is welcome. At Unga Sara there are adult role models who participate in conversations about life issues and who place value on young people's questions, thoughts and opinions.

On selected Wednesdays, young people are given the opportunity to discover the power of culture and also be encouraged to create themselves. The purpose of Unga Sara is to encourage and promote young people's abilities, prevent exclusion and strengthen the mental health of young people. Participating in the activities at Unga Sara is free and is aimed at young people in junior high school.

Unga Sara is a collaboration between UngHästen, Sara kulturhus, the Culture and Library Department and the youth centers in Skellefteå. We who are responsible for Unga Sara have extensive experience and competence in working with young people.

We will enjoy and have fun together...

...therefore, all young people receive the same treatment regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation/transgender identity, status, political opinion or functionality.

… therefore no young are carried. If someone causes damage, does/says inappropriate things, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, etc., they may go home at the time but are welcome again!

... that's why we adults work with a friendly and humble attitude towards young people.

Do you want to know more about what is happening at Unga Sara?
Then follow us on instagram @unga.sara! (NOTE! This is an account for you in junior high school. If you are a guardian, you are free to tip young people in your vicinity!)

Contact persons

Malin Lundqvist
educator and manager at UngHästen, Västerbottensteatern

Albin Avander
Priest in the foundation - conversation and project manager at UngHästen, Västerbottensteatern

Olov Häggmark
Culture pedagogue within the Culture and Library Department