Artistic design of the building

The artwork "Everything is life" adorns the interior of Sara Kulturhus and is the artistic design of the building. Be sure to check it out when you come here - there are many different areas to discover.

The work was created by artist Klara Kristalova, whose work was inspired by Sara Lidman's books. You might find some familiar things here, and others that might stimulate some new ideas and stories.

Klara Kristalova's work extends along the western wall next to the library. A six-metre-high female figure, co-created with Handarbetets Vänner (Friends of Handicrafts), adorns one outer edge of the wall. 

The artwork can be viewed from both far and near, and new details will emerge depending on your viewpoint. Some parts are abstract, others are not. Kristalova used different types of materials such as fabric, ceramics, and bronze and allowed nature to play an important role. In "Everything is Life" you will see the midnight sun, the leaves, and the trees. Everything is life, everything is connected.