Stage 1, Sara kulturhus


  • Seated concert or conference: 1200 people
  • Including standing space (300 pers) on the front of the parquet: 1500 people

  • Possibility to set the banquet on the front of the parquet
  • Seated banquet at long table: 300 people
  • Seated banquet at round tables: 200 people


Flexible solutions

  • The stage has a sound wall that in a few minutes can divide the stage, by a wall being lowered from the ceiling. It enables two different meetings to be held in parallel in Scene 1.
  • In about 3 hours, Scene 1 can be switched from parquet to floor where it is possible to set up a table with a table, set the table and change parquet to floor is about 3 hours.
  • The stage has room for a real symphony orchestra.
  • The first three lines can be turned into orchestral ditches, for opera and musicals.
  • Rows 1-12 can be made into a flat surface - banquet, standing audience or why not a paddle tournament!
  • One of Sweden's best stage houses, with over 22 meters in ceiling height, where unlimited weight can be hung from the ceiling.

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